My name is Carmen Arce, and I am a transfer student from Miami Dade Honors College in Miami, Florida. I am a third-year public relations major with a concentration in music, which is probably why you are navigating through my music blog. Though I have never been truly exposed to the music environment (such as singing or playing an instrument), music has always been one of my top interests. 

I aspire to be a music publicist in order to cultivate and maintain the image of music artists, and this blog is most definitely a stepping stone because I will be able to promote artists, bands and businesses. 

I enjoy listening to a variety of genres, and I would love to know about songs that are currently on your playlist. The purpose of this blog is to inform and entertain you about the music world (particularly in Gainesville). I, too, would like to become more knowledgeable about music, so please, share the knowledge!  

On Tunes Near You, you will find coverage of local events, trending music in the 352, interviews with fellow Gators and much more.

Want to know more about Gainesville’s entertainment? Be sure to check back often, and stay tuned with Tunes Near You!

E-mail: carce22@ufl.edu   |   Twitter: @c_arce22   |   Instagram: @_carmenalicia_