Fall tunes: Top 10 hits shared by UF students


Leaves lying on the floor outside of my apartment. Photo by: Carmen Arce

Fall semester may have started in August, but it wasn’t until September 22 that the actual fall season began. I have never truly experienced any of the four seasons because to Miamians, like myself, it’s summer year-round. However, as I walked to the bus stop, listening to Drake’s hit single, “Controlla,” I noticed something so unusual to me – different colored leaves!

Orange leaves, yellow leaves and red leaves were on the ground, but they weren’t the only things falling this fall semester at Gainesville. Although some of the songs mentioned below are upbeat in tempo and prepare you for the turn-up, several of them take you on a trip down memory lane.

Whether you’re looking for hits that are being listened to in the 352 to update your Spotify playlist, or you’re just curious about the emotional, heartache songs UF students are listening to, you definitely came to the right place. Check out the list below and see whether you find yourself listening to the same songs as several of your UF peers.

  1. Starboy – The Weeknd

“He’s my favorite artist. It’s about him starting a new chapter in his life, and I started a new chapter in my life at college.” Jason Dhuman, 18, criminology

  1. Gold – Kiiara

“It’s basically like the saying ‘if you love something set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.’ The song taught me to let go.” Claudia Fernandez, 21, psychology

  1. Hardwired – Metallica

“It’s a return to form for them. I feel that it’s better than what modern rock has to offer.” – Said Giron, 20, chemistry

  1. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

“I watch hockey and it’s the home-game anthem for my favorite hockey team – the Detroit Redwings. It gives me all the feels from home.” – Stephanie Dhuman, 24, third-year sociology grad student

  1. Daddy Lessons – Beyoncé  

“It has a nice smooth rhythm that blends country style vocal with strong blues beats. It feels like a perfect blend of my background. Plus, the lyrics are about not taking crap from a guy, so I can relate.” – Khrysten Lopez, 21, nursing

  1. Broccoli – D.R.A.M. (Feat. Lil Yachty)

“It’s a stupid song, but I catch myself saying ‘In the middle of the party b***h get off me’ when the song isn’t playing. I’m just trying to do me.” Matt Garcia, 20, biology

  1. One Call Away – Charlie Puth

“It represents how I am with my friends or when I’m in a relationship. I will always be there. All you have to do is call. It means so much to me and it relaxes me.” – John Rivera, 21, computer science engineering

  1. Fake Love – Drake

“My ex keeps trying to come back into my life, and he is a liar.” – Victoria Medina, 20, microbiology and cell science

  1. Trouble – J. Cole

“It’s about relationships, a physical type of relationship, and it’s just a fun song to vibe to.” – Juan Zapata, 20, electrical engineering

  1. For Free – DJ Khaled (Feat. Drake)

“The beat is catchy, the lyrics are catchy and it’s the turn-up song for my friend and me before we head out during the weekend. It reminds me of how great it is to be single sometimes.” Alessia Beck, 20, advertising